I’ve spent the last few days with a baby who hates the heat and has decided that sleep is for the weak. She’s cranky and over tired, and sleeps for all of 30 minutes at a time during the day! ARGH!

She had her first swimming lesson today and that was supposed to tire her out…NOPE. My four month old laughs in the face of sleep. No really, she does. She laughs at me instead of sleeping. She’s lucky she’s so darn cute.

After her swimming lesson we popped into the shops for a few things and to have an nice adult lunch, since my husband is off work on Mondays. I had been meaning to pop into the Pandora store and pick up a few charms to get the Valentines Day GWP. I just hadn’t been able to justify spending $150 on myself to qualify. After the last few days…I decided I had definitely earned it!

The promotion is valid in Australia and New Zealand and runs until the 14th of February or while stocks last. In Australia you need to spend $120 and in New Zealand you’ll need to spend $150.

GWP Valentines Day (13) copy

For spending just over $150 I received this gorgeous travel size, jewelry box. It’s very sweet.  I love the quilted detailing and the pale pink colour.

GWP Valentines Day (15) copy

The jewelry box is just slightly larger than the standard Pandora bracelet box.

GWP Valentines Day (9) copy

The zip is very easy to use. I thought it may catch, being a heart shape. Luckily it doesn’t catch, it slides perfectly round the case and opens to reveal a blank interior. In the lid there is a pouch that attaches magnetically. It also used the magnet to seal the pouch. The base has a pull out insert that is perfect for storing a bracelet or bangle. It also has slits for rings or earrings.

GWP Valentines Day (16) copy

If you remove the inserts you’re left with a cute box with plenty of room to chuck in a few completed bracelets. I did try putting a bracelet in the bottom and the insert back on top of it. It was doable, but I’d rather not.

GWP Valentines Day (20) copy

All in all I’m glad I decided to treat myself and splurge on a few charms. I’m very happy with my new little jewelry box. It gives me a space to store my loose charms (in the little pocket) and my bracelets, until I find a storage system that I’m happy with. Then I have a very cute travel box, for all that traveling I get to do with a four month old!

Kikki.K Medium Time Planner in Lilac

What better way to start a blog in the new year than with a gorgeous time planner.

Last year I fell down the rabbit hole and into the endless possibilities of personal organisers. Just google ‘filofax setup’ and you’ll become lost in the array of customisation, colour, cute tape, stickers, post it notes, tabs and pens. All to aid organisation of course.

I have always loved stationery, it’s a teacher thing I’m sure, but I’ve never been able to discipline myself to use a dairy or planner. Something about forgetting to take it with me, leaving it on my desk, forgetting to use it for the month of April, realising that nothing matches and I want to start again, but it’s June and I can’t… Maybe I have issues. Despite my obvious issues with organising my life on paper…I needed to have a cute planner in my life.

My life got rather busy last year. Work, renovations, midwife appointments, antenatal classes, hospital appointments, setting up for baby, remembering to eat, trying to have a social life and then everything became more chaotic with the arrival of our little girl. I needed a planner to keep track and bring order to my life!

The first planner I tried was the Kikki.K Medium Time Planner. I chose the gorgeous lilac colour. 1. Because it was on special! 2. Because it was so delicate and pretty, covered in tiny gold diamonds.


As you can see it is held close with a thick elastic strap. Love! I’m not keen on domes or zips, to be honest I just don’t like the feel of them, so I love the elastic strap. It’s also great for stuffing your planner to the brim (which I’m sure will happen). The leather is soft and feels good in the hand.

On the inside cover you’ll find three pockets for stashing bits and bogs, and a larger pocket…that I haven’t found a use for yet!


Inside the planner are 7 dividers. Monthly view, weekly view, address book, birthdays and anniversaries, shops and restaurants, to do, and expenses. I don’t plan on using those headings, they’re not all relevant to me, but I do plan on keeping the pink dividers…super cute.


Monthly view


Weekly layout


As well as the monthly and weekly sections, there are also tabs for addresses, birthdays and anniversaries, shops and restaurants, to do, and expenses.

At the back of the planner is a slot for a note pad. the planner comes with a note pad and it could be easily replaced. there is also a thick elastic pen holder. Of course I needed to buy a matching pen, so I purchased the every day gel pen in gold hearts.


I love the colour and style of the Kikki.K Medium planner in lilac. I did end up customising my planner and I had a lot of fun deciding what I needed and didn’t need. I enjoyed decorating the pages… until I started working again and ran out of time. Then I didn’t want to use the page until it was decorated. We’d get to the end of the week and I hadn’t decorated the page or used it at all because I was waiting to have to time to use it?

In the end the Kikki.K Medium Time Planner wasn’t the planner for me. I found it was too small to use effectively. I need something that I can leave open on my desk. I don’t really need a portable planner.

If you are interested in any of the Time Planners from Kikki.k I would suggest heading to Kikki.k. They are Australian based with stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, but they do ship internationally. The Lilac Time Planners are no longer available, but there are a whole range of gorgeous planners to choose from. There’s something for everyone.

❤ Ame

(I have taken this post from my previous blog and updated it to reflect the fact that I  actually used the planner!)

Good Intentions

I had very good intentions to blog at the start of last year. We had so much happening that I wanted to document and share… but the best laid plans…

We ended up having a rather busy year.

I spent the first few months of the year throwing up. I was pregnant!

The next few months I spent adjusting to my expanding waistline and getting organised for our little bubba. We hung out in hospital as my dad was admitted and then Nick. Lucky for them they got to hang out in the same ward and keep each other company.

Then I got to hang out in hospital with our gorgeous wee girl, after ending up with an emergency c-section.


Now she’s 3 months old and we coped with the madness of Christmas and we’re settling back into an everyday routine. I’m currently at stay at home mum, though I’m looking at going back to work part time when bubba is 7 months old.


Our bathroom was renovated. Just before you stop working to take maternity leave is a fantastic time to spend that much money! But we do have a nice bathroom to cleans bubs in now. It was awful going without a bath while it was completed though. I was rather pregnant and really wanted a bubble bath!


I have a few new obsessions… My little girl and all things baby, my Erin Condren Life Planner and my Pandora bracelet. Of course I still love my nail polish and make up.


Now that I’ve recovered from the c-section I’m hoping to start exercising again… when I’ve found something that works for me and baby!

So hopefully I have another exciting year ahead of me and this time I’ll actually be able to blog about it and my new and old obsessions.